Dayton lowest-ranked city in Ohio for mobile coverage

Dayton was the lowest-ranked city in Ohio when it comes to reliable mobile coverage, according to a new analysis.

Out of 125 cities in the United States, Dayton ranked 94th. Verizon came in first in Dayton in overall performance and network speed.

“The consumption of wireless data is absolutely insatiable,” said Stu Johnson, with Connect Ohio.

Johnson said improvements require cell tower upgrades, but doing that may hurt some customers.

“There’s not one fix that’s going to affect all those parameters as you improve data,” Johnson said. “Oftentimes, you will degrade the voice service.”

Carl Fleming, of Harrison Twp., said he drops calls whenever he’s in Moraine.

“I don’t get signals, and I would like to get a better signal,” Fleming said.

Mitch Fryman, of Bellbrook, is out of luck at his desk while at work.

“I use my cell phone as one of my work phones right now, which ironically enough, I think we have cell towers on top of my building but I don’t get service,” Fryman said. “It’s like the one dead zone.”

Johnson said the best thing for frustrated customers to do is to call their provider and tell them about the problem, so it can be tracked and resolved.

However, municipalities — like Huber Heights, which is being sued by T-Mobile — can get in the way of improvements, Johnson said.

“It happens all the time,” Johnson said. “We get calls from consumers ranting and raving, and we try to help them and we get a provider that’s willing to invest a couple hundred thousand dollars to put up a tower, and they say no.”

Despite ranking 94th, Dayton’s mobile coverage was better than some big cities, like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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