Dayton man shot during one of many armed robberies to plead guilty

Jeremaine (also known as Jermaine) M. Green.

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Jeremaine (also known as Jermaine) M. Green.

A Dayton man who told police he committed 10 area armed robberies — including a December 2017 incident at an Old North Dayton restaurant during which he was shot — will plead guilty to federal charges by bill of information.

Jeremaine (also known as Jermaine) M. Green, 35, will plead guilty to four felony counts, according to documents filed in Dayton’s U.S. District Court. Green already was sentenced to 21 years for gun-related felonies in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

Two of the federal counts stem from Dec. 19, 2017, the same day Green lost his job, according to a criminal complaint. They included armed robbery and a violation of the Hobbs Act — interference with commerce by threats or violence — because Falb’s Restaurant on Kiser Street sells products such as Mikesell’s potato chips that include potatoes not grown in Ohio.

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The complaint said $208 was stolen from the LoanMax at 4301 N. Main St. and $2,200 was taken the same day from Falb’s, during which shots were fired by an assailant and restaurant employee. Green reported to law enforcement that day that he was shot during a robbery attempt on Hepburn Avenue.

The other two counts in the bill of information are from Jan 2. 2018, when he robbed the Dollar General in Clayton and also violated the Hobbs Act.

The complaint written by an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said Green admitted to 10 armed robberies as way to repay a prior debt after being fronted four ounces of heroin valued at $15,000.

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“Green further admitted that rather than pay back the rest of the debt, he planned to murder the drug dealer he was in debt with by shooting him in the head (the next weekend),” the agent wrote.

The Walgreens on Hoover Avenue was hit for $490 on Dec. 17, 2017; that same night a Sunoco gas station on Wayne Avenue was robbed for $335, the agent wrote.

The federal complaint also detailed robberies of Dollar General stores on Valley Street, North Gettysburg, North Main Street and South Gettysburg during which a total of $1,693 was taken in late December and early January.

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Green pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and having weapons under disability in state court including violent offender specifications.

A sentencing memorandum written by Montgomery County prosecutors asked the judge to send Green to prison for the maximum. The common pleas case was Green’s third conviction for armed robbery.

“The defendant has shown the Court and his victims that he intends on continuing his criminal activities and victimizing others unless this Court ensures the safety of our communities by sentencing the defendant to a prison term that adequately protects our community,” county prosecutors wrote.

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