Dayton superintendent’s pre-discipline hearing postponed

Rhonda Corr’s pre-disciplinary hearing is being rescheduled and will not happen Wednesday morning as originally planned, according to Dayton Public Schools officials.

Corr, in her second year as Dayton superintendent, was placed on paid administrative leave Nov. 21, and the school board spelled out the reasons for that move in a hearing notice issued Nov. 28. The notice said the board “is considering disciplinary action” against Corr that “may include termination of your Superintendent’s contract for good and just cause.”

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The next step is for Corr and her attorneys, Jon Paul Rion and David Duwel, to meet with school board-assigned hearing officer D. Jeffrey Ireland to tell her side of the story.

DPS attorney Jyllian Bradshaw said Tuesday that Wednesday’s pre-disciplinary hearing is now being rescheduled. Rion said that rescheduling process is “still in the works.”

After the hearing occurs, Ireland will write a report for the school board and issue a recommendation of what disciplinary action, if any, is warranted. The school board can follow Ireland’s recommendation, or choose a different path.

CLAIMS: Corr slept in key meeting, berated staff, wrongly claimed benefits

Bradshaw said Tuesday that “good and just cause” to discipline Corr is governed by Ohio law on terminating school contracts, and is not limited to specific examples listed in Corr’s contract – an issue Corr’s attorneys raised last month.

“DPS believes that the allegations contained in the pre-disciplinary notice, if true, substantiate good and just cause for termination of Ms. Corr’s contract,” Bradshaw said in an email.

That pre-disciplinary notice said Corr created a “hostile working environment” by undermining and bullying administrators, among other actions. It also said she slept in front of the federal mediator during the Aug. 9 contract negotiating process, and received death benefits for a domestic partner while legally married to another person.

REBUTTAL: Corr’s attorneys strike back, say board’s allegations are weak

Corr’s attorneys have questioned the accuracy and significance of the allegations against her, arguing that they don’t make sense in the wake of a glowing performance review issued by the board on Oct. 3.

Rion said Tuesday that there has been no change in the position of Corr’s legal team and said he had no further comment.

If the hearing and disciplinary process spills over into 2018, four newly elected school board members could be faced with a key early decision.

Corr is only five months into a three-year contract. Associate Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli, who was brought to DPS by Corr in August 2016, is currently serving as acting superintendent of DPS.

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