Death of Asa George, ex-Dayton anchor, was accidental

Picture of Asa George. (Source:Facebook)
Picture of Asa George. (Source:Facebook)

Asa George, a former Dayton news anchor, did not drown, and an official with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office said he can't rule out intoxication as a cause of death.

The manner in which George died is preliminarily listed as accidental, but the final cause of death won't be determined until toxicology tests are completed.

The remains of the 34-year-old broadcast journalist were found decomposing in a bathtub full of water in her West Allis, Wis., home on Sept. 6.

A firefighter crawled through a first-floor bathroom window of her home after family members requested a welfare check. Her father had not been able to get in touch with her for at least four days, according to the medical examiner's report.

The first responders also found a malnourished boxer dog in the home, along with feces and dried blood in the dining room. Dried blood was also found on the floor of a downstairs bedroom outside the bathroom where George's remains were found. Dried blood was also found on sheets, pillows and blankets of an upstairs bedroom that appeared to be where George slept.

Investigators found an empty bottle of Karkov brand vodka next to her bed and a second empty bottle in the bed. The air conditioner and TV were on.

In addition to the bottles of alcohol, prescriptions for Loesterin, Bupropion and Zolpidem -- drugs commonly used for birth control, depression, smoking cessation and insomnia -- were found in a purse in the home.

A police officer who arrived on scene told investigators she had dealt with George in the past and that she was a known alcoholic.

During the autopsy, medical examiners did discover a small open indentation to the back of her head. That wound was not a lethal injury, according to the medical examiner's narrative. There also was bruising to the right side of her face.

Most recently, George was an anchor for CBS affiliate WDJT in Milwaukee. She previously was an anchor/reporter for Dayton station WKEF and worked in the Dayton media market from July 2004 until May 2009, according to her profile page.

Relatives told investigators that George had battled a serious alcoholism problem for years.

George's aunt told investigators that George had lost several jobs over her drinking problem and had been treated numerous times, against her will, but continued abusing alcohol.

Her father, who lives in California, told coroner's investigators he was concerned that there might have been foul play involved because his daughter had spoken of some kind of harassment.