Defense contractor lands $47M laser research deal

A Dayton area defense contractor has landed a six-year, $47.7 million research deal to protect military warfigthers and harden materials against laser attacks, according to the Department of Defense.

UES, Inc. of Beavercreek, was awarded the contract, continuing research at the Laser Hardened Materials Evaluation Laboratory inside the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The company manages the lab.

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Work will focus on protecting personnel, electronics and other equipment against a laser’s electronic pulse effect and high temperatures, said Veeraraghavan Sundar, UES manager of emerging products.

“We want to make sure our side’s materials … survive impact from a laser and the materials they are made out of are not impacted in their ability to function,” he said.

Years-long research has lead to technology breakthroughs in use today, he said.

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The latest deal continues work on the Laser Materials for Blue Systems Survivability project at Wright-Patterson through June 2023, according to the Department of Defense.

AFRL, which has a Materials & Manufacturing Directorate at Wright-Patterson, awarded the contract.

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