Denny’s confirms it will shut down Dayton restaurant Dec. 16

A spokeswoman for Denny’s confirmed this morning that the restaurant at 1136 S. Main St. across from the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton will shut down permanently on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

Denny’s spokeswoman Rebecca Lynch could not say how many employees will be affected by the closing.

“We regularly evaluate each of our restaurants to ensure they meet our business objectives, and in this case, we determined that discontinuing operations is the best course,” Lynch said in a statement. “We cannot comment on future plans for this location, and internal closing matters will be handled privately with employees.”

The restaurant has been a fixture along the South Main Street/Ohio 48 corridor for decades. The structure was built in 1973, according to Montgomery County property records. The 0.42-acre tract and building are owned by a Texas-based investment company, and there have been no recent sales of the property recorded in Montgomery County’s records, according to the county auditor’s web site.

A Denny’s operation inside a food court on Wright State University’s campus is still operating. But the South Main Street location was the last remaining free-standing Denny’s restaurant in the Dayton area.

The Denny’s had shut down for a week in 2009 to undergo extensive renovation that included new lighting, ceilings, carpet and landscaping, as well as renovated bathrooms and a repaved parking lot.

“There’s nothing that was in the dining room before that is here now,” a spokesman for the restaurant said at the time.

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