Details emerge for new park in Hamilton’s Jefferson neighborhood

The new park in Hamilton’s Jefferson neighborhood will have a tall and distinctive playground installation that lets children climb, slide and have other fun, as well as view the world from two levels above the ground, Hamilton Parks Conservancy Director Steve Timmer recently announced.

Woody Parman of The Jefferson Alliance, a community group working to improve the neighborhood, is delighted by the equipment that will be installed in the park, and other plans for the new greenspace, a former gravel parking lot donated by Hamilton natives Frank and Joanne Pfirman, whose family owns the JN Linrose company next to the park.

Timmer was able to purchase the large playground installation that typically would cost $80,000, for $20,000 from Miracle Recreation Equipment Co. because it was exhibited at an annual conference in Indianapolis. Rather than shipping the equipment back to a warehouse, the company opted to sell it at a lower cost.

That equipment will be supplemented with swings and other equipment.

Parman said Timmer told him, “No one in this area has this particular, new design, which is great to hear, especially for our neighborhood.”

One part of the play equipment is similar to a small rock-climbing area.

“I looked in the manufacturer’s catalog online, and that is not even in their catalog yet,” Parman said.

“Everyone in the neighborhood I’ve spoken with thinks it’s great,” Parman said. “It’s a good opportunity to bring our multicultural family together. I can imagine families from our multicultural neighborhood being able to communicate.”

The park area now is covered with grass seed topped by straw. Timmer said he wants the park open by the time school breaks for the summer.

“Our vision for the space is a playscape with swings, some spring toys, a great lawn, park benches, at least eight trees, trash cans, an Americans-with-Disabilities-accessible walk to the playscape, signage and landscaping,” Timmer said.

Spring toys are typically depictions of animals that are mounted on top of large springs that children to sit on the animals and sway back and forth.

“We’ve already built the fence, and we’ve already done the site work,” he said. “So now, it’s just starting to add the amenities.”

“One of the things I like about it is that it’s right next to the Boys & Girls Club, so they can actually utilize the park for some of their activities and functions,” Timmer said. “It works out real nice for that.”

“I need to raise probably about another $85,000,” Timmer said.

Anyone wishing to make a tax-deductible contribution can send checks to the Hamilton Parks Conservancy, 106 N. Second St., Hamilton, OH 45011.

The park, which does not yet have a name, “is big — 1.2 acres. That’ll be nice,” Parman said. “We’re excited about what it can do for the children and our events in the community.”

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