DPD sergeant urges drivers to be cautious, avoid travel during upcoming snow

A Dayton Police Department sergeant advised area residents to avoid driving and practice caution in winter weather ahead of the winter storms.

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During a Friday press briefing, Sgt. Gordan Cairns, DPD traffic services unit supervisor, was asked what advice he had for motorists.

“First and foremost, slow down,” he said, explaining that brakes and vehicles will work differently while driving on snow and ice. For example, he pointed to the crashes on area highways, including a crash in Dayton involving a semi truck that closed the highway for hours.

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Cairns also urged drivers to clear the entire windshield of snow before setting out. But above all he said drivers should stay home unless an errand is necessary.

“Anytime there is a significant weather event, we advise people that if you don’t need to go out, don’t go out,” he said, later adding, “Stay home, let the salt trucks and plows get out and do their thing.”

Finally, Cairns advised drivers to maintain their speed and give extra space between them and the car in front of them, saying that the vehicle in front could be able to come to a stop a lot sooner than your vehicle can.

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