Mother upset over child's math homework involving hair extensions

Credit: Andrew Francis Wallace

Credit: Andrew Francis Wallace

The mother of a charter school student in the nation's capital is upset about a math homework question that she feels is inappropriate.

Sarah Jackson told WUSA9 that her 7-year-old daughter, Aria, a KIPP DC Quest Academy student, brought home math homework recently that asked students to count bundles of hair. The product, also known as a weave or hair extensions, is popular with African-American women, WUSA9 reported.

Jackson thought the question was inappropriate for first-graders and that it singled out a single group of people. When she posted her concerns about it on Facebook, some parents disagreed with Jackson, saying that the question was culturally inclusive, according to WUSA9.

The academy sent a letter to parents, apologizing for the question. Jackson wants to see the question pulled from all first-grade classes at KIPP charter schools.

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