EXCLUSIVE: New WSU leader on cuts, STEM jobs, first woman president

Wright State University’s next president does not take office until July 1 but she sat down with the Dayton Daily News earlier this month for an exclusive interview.

Schrader talked about her experience handling budget cuts and working with students and faculty at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where she currently serves as chancellor.

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Wright State needs to cut $25 million from its upcoming budget to balance its books after years of overspending drained the school’s reserve funds. Missouri S&T has to cut around $8 million from its upcoming budget because of a reduction in state support, officials there said.

Schrader is a proponent of diversity in higher education and she spoke about why more women and minorities are needed to fill an increasing number of science, technology, engineering and math.

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Schrader, who will become the first woman to serve as president of Wright State, also talked about what it was like to break the glass ceiling at WSU and Missouri S&T, where she also served as the institution’s first female leader.

Below are video clips of some of the topics covered in the interview with Schrader:

1. On financial issues and implementing budget cuts

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2. On being the first woman leader of WSU and Missouri S&T

3. On workforce demand and STEM jobs and the workforce

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4. On meeting students and being visible on campus

5. On the faculty and WSU’s ‘tumultuous few years’


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