Fiber optic ring to link local cities: 7 things to know about network

A fiber optics ring that would link several communities sharing 911 systems and information to fight crime is step closer to being built.

West Carrollton has become the latest member of the Miami Valley Communications Council’s plan to increase access between seven of its members.

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The plan also includes Centerville, Kettering, Miamisburg, Moraine, Oakwood and Springboro, records show. Here are seven issues to know about the plan:

-Proposed to be about 40 miles, officials said it could be beneficial for businesses which decide to integrate their systems with the technology. It could also provide businesses with incentive to relocate, they said.

-Total construction cost is projected at $966,750, records show.

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-Leases with the Kettering City School District and the Miami Valley Educational Computer Association will cover $256,750 of construction costs, documents show.

-Build out costs over 10 years would vary by the population of member partners. Documents show the shared costs would range from Kettering's $272,367 to Moraine's $30,586.

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-The maintenance costs over 10 years would be equally shared, totaling $43,594 for each member.

-It would provide infrastructure that is expected to bring new telecommunication vendors to the area;

-It is projected to be completed by Labor Day of this year.

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