Fiona meets her father for the first time

The summer months are known for family gatherings, but this one has to be one of the cutest ever.  Fiona and her mother, Bibi, were united with Fiona’s father, Henry, for the first time on Tuesday, July 11. This gave Fiona the chance to bond with her father, as well as give Henry time to become acclimated to fatherhood.

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Henry quickly learned when he would get too close to Fiona, Bibi quickly intervened.  This interaction was what zoo officials were hoping for.

According to Cincinnati Zoo’s Facebook page, the quick bonding time went off without a hitch.

There are more interactions planned for the happy family, but the zoo has not released any official times.

Fiona, the first Nile hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical garden in 75 years, was born Jan. 24 and weighed just 29 pounds. The normal birth weight for the species is 55-120 pounds.

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