Fixing Dayton Convention Center: 5 things to know

The Dayton/Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau — the building's convention-marketing arm — has hired a consulting firm to perform a needs assessment and market analysis study of the 42-year-old Dayton Convention Center, which is gushing red ink and showing its age.

Dayton Daily News investigative Reporter Lynn Hulsey took a closer look at the aging building and operations last Febraury. She found that the convention center needs an upgrade to remain competitive and that it was beginning its seventh year in the red.

Here are 5 highlights of the long-awaited consultant report on the Dayton Convention Center and how to deal with problems, competitive issues, and cost issues.

1. Crossroads Consulting Services recommends improvements costing $21 million to $28.4 million.

2. Consultant says Dayton Convention Center is outdated visually and functionally.

3. Dayton now owns it but consultant says consider joint Dayton-Montgomery County authority.

4. Consultant recommends outsourcing management.

5. Improvements needed in surrounding streetscape and amenities like hotels, restaurants, retail and entertainment.

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