Free Focus Week training classes will run Jan. 22-26

A few weeks remain to register as the first Focus Week of 2018 is scheduled for Jan. 22-26 at the 88th Air Base Wing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Registration continues until the day before each course is held.

The January Focus Week is focused on improved communication and organization for both the individual and organization. With a wide variety of classes, there should be something for everyone looking to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Select classes continue to be offered through a training exchange partnership with Sinclair Community College as a part of the Air Force Community Partnership Initiative. The goal of this program is to enhance mission viability and improve quality of life for Airmen while implementing collaborative projects that provide mutual value to the government and local communities.

SCC course offerings, with seating limited to 30 each, will include:

• "Building Trust and Collaboration": The four cores of trust – integrity, motive, capabilities and results – will be explored and applied to leading.

• "Building a Culture of Accountability": Individuals who see themselves as accountable seek clarity through making and negotiating clear agreements with others. Accountable individuals feel more in control of outcomes and as a result are less stressed and more productive.

• "Communication that Connects": Nearly every core management function within an organization is built upon effective interpersonal communication skills. Leaders who communicate effectively are able to leverage their ability to connect with others, enhancing their productivity and the productivity of their teams.

• "Coaching through the Generations": There are now four generations in the workforce, and different generations bring different perceptions and expectations to the workplace. Organizations that pay attention to intergenerational issues can see an impact on their bottom line in areas such as corporate culture, recruitment, employee engagement, retention and customer service.

New classes being held on base are:

• "Writing for Professional Growth": This course provides assistance to employees under the AcqDemo and DPMAP pay plans to write better self-assessment performance statements. The course covers the SMART model (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely), STAR Statements (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and CRI6 Statements (Contribution, Result, Impact, 6 Factors) used in performance writing.

• "8-Step Problem Solving": This workshop provides military members and civilian personnel with a basic knowledge of the 8-Step Problem Solving Process which is becoming the standard methodology for addressing problems and opportunities for improvement; small groups work through each step of the process using an interactive exercise.

• "Taking Control of Email:" Want to have a "zero inbox," clearly understand your tasks and greatly increase your productivity (and reduce stress) by learning a better way to use Outlook?

• "IT/Cyber Security Careers": This presentation shares the journey of a leader in the IT community from their start to their current leadership position. Join in to hear about their journey as well as what it took to get there and what it takes to begin a career in the IT community. Resumes from those who sign up may be reviewed confidentially by experts in the IT career field.

• "Time Management: Decision Making": This two-hour class will focus on utilizing a six-step approach to improve the quality and timeliness of decision-making needs. This approach provides a logical and systematic process addressing the critical elements of each decision and steers you clear of the erroneous information leading to a more effective and timely decision.

• "DiSC Assessment for Supervisors": The Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness (DiSC) personal assessment tool is an instrument that increases communication and may build better teams. With increased collaboration and communication using the DiSC initiatives, teammates may increase their self-knowledge by understanding how they respond to conflict, what motivates them, what causes them stress and how they solve problems.

Registration is open to all 88 ABW employees, both military and civilian. The wider Wright-Patterson AFB audience is encouraged to attend as space allows. The remaining fiscal 2018 Focus Weeks will be April 23-27 and July 23-27.

To register via MyETMS (Education and Training Management System), go to Click on the self-registration tab. A tutorial is provided on the MyETMS home page for first-time users. Click on the self-registration tab. Search 88 ABW and go.

For more information, contact Eric Christy, human resources specialist, 88th Force Support Squadron Workforce Development, at 904-4811, or

AFLCMC Focus Week registration open

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Winter Focus Week sessions will take place Jan. 22-26. Students may participate in these events either in person or distance learning via the Defense Collaboration Services allowing AFLCMC to reach numerous geographic locations. Registration is open and accomplished through the ACQ Now for Continuous Learning website. You can search for course offerings by going to, logon with CAC, then click on "Apply for a CL Event" and search under AFLCMC Focus Week. Contact your local Workforce Development team member, Brooke Belickis, 255-0865.

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