Fuyao plans restaurant, employee skyway

Retaurant for workers and public will open in October

Fuyao Glass America Inc. will soon produce more than glass at its Moraine plant. The company also will offer authentic Chinese and global dishes for workers — and the public — in a new restaurant.

The restaurant will serve Chinese fare to public diners, and it will offer global cuisine for Fuyao workers, who will be able to order Chinese food, American dishes and more, said Dave Burrows, Fuyao vice president, facilities.

The company is negotiating with a local couple — who already owns a local Chinese restaurant — to manage the site, Burrows said.

“The front of the restaurant will be a Chinese restaurant, authentic Chinese,” Burrows said. The back will cater to employee break rooms within the plant, offering all kinds of different cuisines, including American fare like hamburgers and pizza, he said.

Fuyao global Chairman Cho Tak Wong is paying for the project, which Fuyao will own, Burrows said.

In all, about $1 million will be invested into the restaurant at Encrete Lane and Fuyao Avenue (the former Hoyle Place), near one of the plant entrances. About half of the 8,000-square-foot restaurant will be devoted to a kitchen, Burrows said.

While Burrows said a management team will be announced soon, Fuyao Glass America’s Facebook page identifies the restaurant as “North Village.” Dayton has a North Village Chinese Restaurant at 137 Jasper St.

“Fuyao Glass America is proud to announce that the Chinese restaurant North Village will be opening a new location in our business park this October,” a June 3 post says.

Burrows acknowledged the post but said a name for the new restaurant still needs to be worked out.

Under construction now, the restaurant will likely open in October, he said.

Fuyao has invested about $450 million into the plant between Kettering Boulevard and Ohio 741, which for decades housed a General Motors assembly operation.

“The chairman wanted something for the employees,” Burrows said. “Since we’ve used so much of the space, he said, ‘Well, we’ll just build a restaurant.’”

Also Thursday: Burrows said Fuyao is building a walking skyway at its Moraine plant that will let workers walk above plant floor and equipment, making it easier for them to move around.

Strategically placed staircases will lead back to the floor.

“That’s a big plus,” Burrows said.

Construction on the skyway will start in about 10 days and will likely take about three months, he said. It will probably open in September.

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