Experts say the day, time, and how you display your items can make or break your garage or yard sale.

GARAGE SALES: How to avoid a ‘sale fail’

Garage and yard sale season is heating up but not all sales are successful.

“I’ve come across garage sales where the items were very dirty, they are not priced, they are not laid out, so you can’t see them,” said Mark Moots of Sugarcreek Twp.

The day, the time, and how you display your unwanted stuff can turn a decluttering, money making opportunity into a “sale fail,” according to Tami Doling who sets up garage sales and offers consultations through her business Silver Lining Organizers in Oakwood.

Start your sale on a Thursday, but if that’s not an option try a one-day sale on a Saturday or Sunday, said Doling.

“Start in the mornings around eight or nine,” said Doling, “I really don’t see a lot of sales happening past two.”

Group and neighborhood sales work best, according to Doling, and organization is key.

“You can’t just throw things out in boxes and have people sort through them. It’s really not going to work that well for you,” said Doling.

Doling’s garage and yard sale recommendations for sellers:

  • Advertise on Facebook, Craigslist, and in the newspaper
  • Use colorful signs
  • Use stickers to color code your prices
  • Place your best items out front
  • Hang up clothing or keep it neatly folded
  • Have a mirror handy for quick try-ons
  • Keep similar items together
  • Have batteries and extension cords ready so shoppers can try out electronics
  • Carry plenty of change in a fanny pack
  • Have snacks and refreshments for shoppers

“Free with purchase” and BOGO offers are also a draw for shoppers, said Doling.

“Be prepared to negotiate. People love a deal and the goal is to sell as many items as you can,” said Doling.

Diane Sakulich has been holding a joint garage sale with neighbors in Beavercreek for five years.

“What really adds up is the small stuff- believe it or not- a quarter here a quarter there,” said Sakulich.

Her advice for shoppers — get out of the car and look around.

“Sometimes you find stuff you didn’t know you were looking for but now you can’t live without,” Sakulich said.

When the sale is done and there are items left over, donate them right away.

“Don’t bring anything back into your house or into the garage. Bag it up and put it in your car or have a donation truck scheduled to come and pick it up,” Doling said.