John Legend looking for actors for Trump supporter roles in music video

Castings call for older, “out of shape” actors to fill the role

Springfield native and Grammy Award winning artist John Legend is apparently gearing up for a music video shoot that will tackle some serious social issues.

According to TMZ, Legend put out a casting call, courtesy of Casting Networks in Los Angeles, for a music video shoot Sept. 9. The listing asks for several groups of performers, including African American males and females to play Black Lives Matter protestors, Caucasian males, ages 18-35 to fill the role of “white male protestors,” and a Caucasian and Hispanic woman to “show that there is no segregation in love” for a kissing scene.

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What’s gotten the bulk of the attention, is what’s listed as protestors who will play “Trump supporters.” The listing calls for Caucasian men and women, ages 35-65 who are “preferably out of shape.”

Legend has been widely critical of Donald Trump, including a candid, yet scathing interview in the New York Times in February.

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In the interview, Legend said he doesn’t think Trump has ever read a book, or knows what’s in the Constitution.

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