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Kasich signs the budget - kicks Medicaid changes to curb

Ohio Governor John Kasich has made health care his issue - whether in Washington D.C. this week when the Senate was deciding over a health care overhaul, or back in the state.

Kasich vetoed the Medicaid freeze that would halt new enrollment.  The veto sets up a showdown with the House and Seante over whether they'll override his veto.

Husted to Trump: You aren’t getting private voting data

Ohio Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Jon Husted won’t give Ohio voter data to the Trump 2016 election commission.

“Voter registration information is a public record and is available online,” Husted said Friday on CBSNews.com. “The confidential information, such as the last four digits of a voter’s Social Security number, or their Ohio driver license number is not publicly available and will not be provided to the commission.”

Despite winning the election, and winning Ohio by a large margin, the Trump administration claims there was massive voting fraud during the election.

Middletown councilman goes viral after overdose comments

Middletown city councilman Dan Picard questioned sending EMTs to the scene of overdoses, likening it to free treatment that wasn't available to people with fatal conditions like cancer. Picard's comments went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

One Supporter:

One detractor:

MSNBC Hosts: Trump administration tried to blackmail us through National Enquirer - VIDEO

A day after President Trump attacked Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski on Twitter, she and her co-host Joe Scarborough said White House officials pushed the duo to call  Trump and apologize for coverage under the threat of the publication of a possibly damaging National Enquirer story. Scarborough said they had both been followed by a reporter for the tabloid, which is owned by Trump friend David Pecker.

Scarborough said several top officials called him from the White House to say the article wouldn’t be published if they were to apologize. Scarborough also said a lawmaker called him to talk about Trump’s anger toward the couple coming out during meetings.

Dayton wants to ban youth gay-conversion therapy

Dayton Mayor, an candidate for governor, Nan Whaley wants a $200 a day fine for any group that implements gay-conversion therapy for youths within in the city.

Currently 18 other cities have banned conversion therapy. Right now, no place in Dayton is performing it.

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