Ohio Politics Today: Budget goes to Kasich; State Medicaid cuts; Judy’s law; executions closer to resuming

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What to know about the new Ohio state budget

After days of negotiation, the Ohio Senate and House passed its bi-annual budget. The bill now goes to the governor's desk where he has two days to sign it. Things to know:

Judy’s law passes day after abuse victim dies

A law named after Judy Malinowski passed the day after she died from burns suffered when her ex-boyfriend set her on fire two years ago.

The law would toughen penalties for crimes that disfigure the victim. Malinowski had spent the last two years in the hospital. Gahanna police and arson investigators are seeking homicide charges against Michael Slager, who set her on fire, as a result of her death from her injuries.

Other news

Quick Hits

Ohio Senate bans second trimester abortion procedure (Cleveland.com).

Legal battle over Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd charity concerts during 2016 RNC (Cleveland.com)

Senate Intelligence Committee will get access to James Comey's memos from Trump meetings (DDN.com).

Bernie Sanders calls purported investigation of his wife a "pathetic attack." (ToledoBlade.com)

Two Democrats join field for state auditor and treasurer offices (Dispatch.com).

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