Gov. Mike DeWine activates National Guard, Ohio State Highway Patrol to Columbus

Gov. Mike DeWine is activating the Ohio National Guard and the Ohio State Highway Patrol to protect citizens and enforce laws in Columbus. The Ohio State Highway Patrol will work to enforce laws within the city of Columbus.

“The voices calling for justice, the voices calling for change, are sadly being drowned out by a small group of violent individuals,” DeWine said. “Acts of violence cannot and will not be tolerated.”

Gov. DeWine said he understands that people are angry, especially during these uncertain times.

“We must call upon the better angels of our nature,” DeWine said.

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Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther is implementing a citywide curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. He said that anyone who is out within those hours is subject to arrest.

“This curfew is not created to stifle peaceful protest,” Ginther said. “The protests have escalated from peaceful to antagonistic to vandalism.”

Multiple vehicles, including police and fire vehicles, were damaged during protests, Ginther reported. He said that five police officers were injured in the protests.

Columbus Chief of Police Thomas Quinlan said the community of Columbus is suffering as police resources are restrained by the protesters. He said that officers are unable to respond to calls such as domestic violence.

“I am grateful for those protesting for legitimate change,” Quinlan said.

Major General John Harris Jr. of the Ohio National Guard emphasized that the Ohio National Guard will not be enforcing marital law within the city.

Harris said that the force responding to Columbus is specifically trained for situations to Columbus.

“They understand the anger, they understand the rage and it’s our purpose to treat every person with dignity and respect,” Harris said. “We will ensure that the people of Ohio and property of Columbus is protected.”

The address was available to watch on Gov. DeWine’s Facebook Page.

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