How some local students are spreading kindness through their school

Mason Intermediate students recently found a unique way to spread kindness through their school

The “Snowball Challenge” consisted of students sharing thoughtful words throughout the school - specifically on crafted snowballs taped to lockers, and teacher and staff doors.

The students were handed a very simple template, and were then instructed to spread cheer through kindness.

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“The students and teachers here at MI really impressed me during the snowball challenge. The heartfelt notes, quotes, and sketches blasted around the campus were amazing,” shared Lindsey Colvin, Team Innovation sixth grade science teacher. “I believe that we have started yet another tradition here at MI that will continue to build pride and strengthen our community.”

The Mason Intermediate Pride Committee, a teacher led team composed of many individuals on the MI campus, has been implementing weekly and biweekly challenges for students. The goal is to create opportunities that build pride and community, continuing the MI Strong theme.

“It was nice to see all the snowballs on lockers and doors, so you could see the kind words people were spreading.” -Heather Chan, Team Innovation sixth grader

“It was really fun making them and it made you feel really important when you read the notes from others.” -Haarika Ravipati, Team Innovation sixth grader

“It was super fun to make the snowballs and it was heartwarming to know that people were happy when they got them.” -Riya Koul, Team Innovation sixth grader

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