How to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine in Butler County

Butler County public health officials are asking for patience as the three health departments and their partners work to distribute the novel coronavirus vaccine with doses in short supply.

The rollout for the state’s vaccination plan has been slow as the supply of the vaccine has not been able to meet the demand, said Jennifer Bailer, Butler County General Health District health commissioner.

Butler County, Middletown and Hamilton public health departments are working with the county Emergency Management Agency, healthcare organizations, and local, state and government agencies to meet the needs of those who qualify for early phases of vaccine distribution.

Here is what each of Butler County’s three health departments and others are asking:

Butler County General Health District

  • The county health district is collecting information from organizations and people who are in Ohio’s Phase 1A and Phase 1B for COVID-19 vaccinations (see below for definitions). The purpose of this survey is to collect information and is not a vaccination waitlist or scheduling system. There is no guarantee those completing the survey will receive the vaccine from county health department.
  • The county health district is vaccinating those in Phase 1A. The district will move to Phase 1B soon but will continue with Phase 1A.
  • The Butler County General Health District vaccination survey can be found at: The district’s phone number is 513-863-1770, and officials ask people to not submit the survey or call more than once.

Middletown Health Department

  • The Middletown Health Department will notify the public when the next phase begins through outreach to patients, local news media, social media platforms and the website Pre-registration for the vaccine is now open on
  • The Middletown Health Department is working strategically in getting the vaccine to each targeted group identified by the state as soon as the supply for that group is received.

Hamilton Health Department

  • Hamilton Public Health officials are scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for the first wave of elderly (65 and older) residents with underlying health conditions in Phase 1B (see schedule below) . Residents must have a scheduled appointment. Registration on the day of is not possible at this time.
  • Those eligible for distribution in Phase 1B should fill out the vaccination form on the city’s website: Those who qualify will be contacted when vaccines for their age group are available.
  • Online registration the preferred method but people can call 513-785-7080 (do not submit or call more than once).

Primary Health Solutions – Community First Pharmacy

  • Beginning next week, Primary Health Solutions will be providing COVID-19 vaccines to the community according to the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Individuals should call 513-454-1117 or schedule an appointment by visiting
  • Vaccines will be administered at various locations throughout Butler County by appointment only. Locations include:
    • 210 S. 2nd St., Hamilton
    • 1036 S. Verity Parkway, Middletown

Kroger Pharmacy

  • People can schedule an appointment by visiting People can call 1-800-576-4377 for more information.
  • Participating Kroger Pharmacy locations are:
    • 7855 Tylersville Road, West Chester Twp.
    • 560 Wessel Drive, Fairfield
    • 8000 Princeton-Glendale Road, West Chester Twp.
    • 5250 Newtown Drive, Liberty Twp.
    • 1474 Main St., Hamilton
    • 1450 S. Erie Highway, Hamilton
    • 428 Oxford State Road, Liberty Twp.
    • 7300 Yankee Road, Liberty Twp.
    • 3420 Towne Blvd, Middletown

Priority groups for vaccine

Phase 1A, distributing now:

  • Healthcare workers and personnel who are routinely involved in the care of COVID-19 patients
  • Residents and staff in nursing homes
  • Residents and staff in assisted living facilities
  • Patients and staff at state psychiatric hospitals
  • People with developmental disabilities and those with mental health disorders, including substance use disorders, who live in group homes, residential facilities, or centers, and staff at those locations
  • Residents and staff at our two state-run homes for Ohio veterans
  • EMS responders

Phase 1B schedule:

  • Week of Jan. 18: Age 80 and above
  • Week of Jan. 25: Age 75 and above and Ohioans with severe medical conditions.
  • Week of Feb. 1: Age 70 and above and K-12 school staff.
  • Week of Feb. 8: Age 65 and above

Severe medical conditions covered in Phase 1B distribution beginning Jan. 25:

  • cerebral palsy
  • spina bifida
  • congenital heart disease
  • type 1 diabetes
  • inherited metabolic disorders
  • severe neurologic disorders including epilepsy
  • severe genetic disorders including Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Prader Willi Syndrome, Turner Syndrome
  • severe lung disease including cystic fibrosis and severe asthma
  • sickle cell anemia
  • alpha- and beta-thalassemia

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