Inmate to jail staff: ‘She’s dead, she’s been dead for a while’

Sheriff’s office reports detail the death of Sasha Garvin in Montgomery County Jail.

When Montgomery County Jail staff went to Sasha Garvin’s cell on May 19, they couldn’t open the door “due to the uncooperative state” of an inmate, according to sheriff’s office records obtained through Ohio’s open records laws.

When officers got into Female Hold Cell (FHD) 122 at 8:14 a.m. that day, Garvin was curled up next to the wall by a toilet. That’s when the inmate yelled, “She’s dead, she’s dead, she’s been dead for a while,” according to reports.

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Garvin, 27, of Dayton, died of a suspected overdose, though the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office doesn’t expect to rule on a cause and manner until late July.

This news outlet also requested an inmate list, booking information and any video from the last 24 hours of Garvin’s life, but didn’t receive those records. A letter from the civil division of Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr.’s office said it is “conducting a legal review of any records that may be responsive to said requests.”

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The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has said it is investigating Garvin’s death. The inmate quoted — which one report calls unpredictable and has mental health issues — has not been charged and therefore is not being named by this news organization.

A nurse wrote that she began administering CPR before paramedics arrived but that Garvin “was cold to touch and rigor had already set in.” Garvin was pronounced dead at 8:22 a.m. and her body was removed by the coroner’s office at 9:34 a.m., according to the reports.

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Another inmate — not the woman quoted — also overdosed but survived. Another nurse wrote that the other inmate who overdosed was given Narcan and a sternal rub and that she became responsive. That woman was transported to Miami Valley Hospital.

Other reports indicate only three inmates were in that cell at the time of the medical emergencies. The inmate who made the comment was taken to that cell on May 14 and the other one who overdosed was sent to the first floor at 12:52 a.m. May 19 after vomiting on the floor of another cell and refusing to clean it up.

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“Inmate Garvin was brought down to be seen by Medical at approximately 0306 hours on 5/18/2017, for complications from Crohn’s Disease,” a deputy wrote. “It was determined by medical staff to place her on the first floor for medical observation.”

Garvin was placed into FHD 1120 at 5:28 a.m. May 18, but no record was made of when she was moved to FHD 122. No contraband was located, according to reports.

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Health care professional Lori DeGlopper, of Samaritan Behavioral Health, wrote that she went to speak to other female inmates in case they needed support.

“At least three of the women present stated being around others who OD and die is not a new occurrence to them,” wrote DeGlopper, adding that the women said they didn’t need any time to process the incident.

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Other inmates were being released from jail and said they had support in the community if needed and others said they were okay.


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