Joint tax districts bring in 15 percent more

Miami Twp. and partners get share of $1.58M in revenue.


JEDD 2014 2015 2016

Austin Center $441,867 $620,033* $800,035**

Dayton Mall $692,366 $656,370* $650,600**

Dayton $222,420 $299,687* $300,360**

*Estimated revenue

**Projected revenue

Source: Miami Twp. Joint Economic Development Districts.


Dayton $83,407

Miamisburg $213,186

Miami Twp. $626,132

Springboro $61,701

*Denotes estimate

Source: Miami Twp. Joint Economic Development Districts.

Tax revenue jumped about 15 percent combined this year in three revenue-sharing districts Miami Twp. has with surrounding cities.

The Joint Economic Development Districts the township has with Dayton, Miamisburg and Springboro brought in an estimated $1.58 million in tax dollars this year, up from about $1.35 million in 2014. The additional money is reflected in shares for the partners, which also increased, records show.

The totals were boosted by more tax dollars from the Austin Center JEDD, home of Austin Landing. The openings of several restaurants and other retailers in late 2014 and this year helped bring in an estimated $500,000 of income taxes, about 30 percent higher than a year ago, records show.

“I think this is a pretty dense development at Austin Landing comparatively to standard suburban development,” said Steve Stanley, chairman of the Austin Center JEDD board.

“And that has been an objective that everybody has had – for that to be densely developed,” he added. “As a consequence, there’s a pretty good revenue stream from that JEDD.”

The additional revenue in the Austin Center JEDD also means a more than doubling of disbursements from 2014 to the township, Miamisburg and Springboro, the partners in that district, according to records. The township’s take is estimated at $171,498 while Miamisburg’s share is $66,801 and Springboro’s $61,701.

Payouts for the Dayton Mall and the Dayton JEDDS also increased from 2014, albeit at a smaller rate. Yet, they “are all producing pretty good revenue,” Stanley said.

The Austin Center JEDD levies a 2.25 percent income tax on all retail businesses and some offices within the boundaries. The township gets about 57 percent while Miamisburg gets about 22 percent and Springboro roughly 20 percent, officials said.

The Dayton Mall JEDD — which the township partners with Miamisburg on — has the same income tax rate and township gets 70 percent of those revenues. The Dayton JEDD income tax rate is 1.75 percent and is split evenly between that city and the township.

The Dayton Mall district is estimated to bring in less in income tax this year ($650,000) than it did in 2014 ($691,659), records show.

Meanwhile, more than $620,000, including $120,000 from hotel/motel taxes, is estimated to be generated from the Austin Center JEDD this year.

For 2016, projections have the Austin Center JEDD surpassing the Dayton Mall JEDD as a tax district for the first time in the six years since both entities were created. As development progresses around the Interstate 75/Austin Boulevard interchange, officials expect that trend to continue.

“A lot of that is driven by the properties that are in the Dayton Mall JEDD are already built out,” said Miamisburg Development Director Chris Fine, a Dayton Mall JEDD board member.

“So there aren’t going to be any new businesses. Any fluctuation is going to be change in employment of existing businesses or a new business replacing an existing business, and they just have different numbers,” he added. “I think we expect that revenue to be pretty consistent moving forward.”

Even with the approval of the Dayton Mall area master plan, which includes short- and long-term redevelopment of that district, Fine said he doesn’t expect any significant changes soon with the tax money there.

“There’s going to be some time that goes by before you start to see any revenue increases from the JEDD unless additional properties are brought into the JEDD that develop,” he said.

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