JUST IN: Local doughnut shop’s owners to launch new coffee company


JUST IN: Local doughnut shop’s owners to launch new coffee company

One of the great food-and-beverage pairings in all of recorded human history has to be coffee and doughnuts, and the new owners of a local doughnut shop are going to take that perfect match to a new level by launching their own coffee venture to complement their main business.

Ryan and Danielle Tripp, who completed their purchase of the Donut Haus in Springboro earlier this year, are in the early stages of starting Great Miami Coffee Co., also in Springboro.

Here’s what Ryan Tripp had to say about the new company:

“Great Miami Coffee Co. is our next venture, and we are very excited about it. At first it started as a hobby, as my wife Danielle and I are huge coffee drinkers. However, we started selling it retail at our Miamisburg shop last year, and it has really built a strong following.”

“We, much like the other companies, source a variety of beans from all over, but our difference is in the way we roast. We wanted to make our coffee unique, so we spent a long time researching coffee roasting and decided on an air roaster over the typical drum roaster.”

“What is neat about an air roaster is the fact that it completely circulates every individual coffee bean, evenly distributing heat and leading to a more uniform roast. In short, you better caramelize the sugars, leading to a smoother taste profile.”

“We currently offer different origin coffees roasted from blonde to full French. You can expect to see more in the near future as we are currently renovating the location at 303 W. Central Ave. in Springboro to accommodate a roaster capable of roasting up to 60 pounds an hour.”

“This location will be for manufacturing only, but we may open it up for public education and tours as we have with our doughnut shops.”

Ryan and Danielle Tripp also operate Bear Creek Donuts in Miamisburg. Ryan — a 2010 Springboro High School graduate who holds a degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology from Wright State University — started working at Donut Haus when he was 14.

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