KinderCare teacher wins $10,000 award

Huber Heights teacher praised for helping toddlers learn

Surprises are normal when you’re working with toddlers, but Huber Heights KinderCare teacher Morgan Brown got a special kind of surprise Tuesday — a $10,000 check.

Brown received the KinderCare Early Childhood Education Award in front of students, parents and colleagues, honoring her for “helping the littlest students develop a lifelong love of learning.”

“I was absolutely blown away because I didn’t know they were making a legacy award presentation, let alone that it was an award for me,” Brown said. “Working with children can be a stressful job. Something like this is reassuring, in letting you know that you’re doing a good job, and your work isn’t going unnoticed.”

Brown said she had no idea the award was coming, assuming the TV crews were getting everyday video of the Old Troy Pike center’s back-to-school breakfast with parents.

“It’s a way to promote parent involvement in our center. We were reading books and … creating our own homemade scrapbook,” Brown said. “A lot of parents were really engaged, they love seeing their children coloring and letting their imagination run wild.”

KinderCare officials praised Brown, who holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and has been with KinderCare for more than three years.

Brown called the award “an on-time blessing,” as she is eight months pregnant. She and her husband have discussed buying a home, calling the award “a great head-start” for their expanding family.

She said work has been physically and mentally taxing as she helps students with letters and numbers as her due date marches closer.

“It’s a rewarding challenge,” Brown said. “Working with toddlers, you have your set schedule throughout the day, but it’s ever-changing.

“As an educator, you have to be adaptable and up for the change to see the rewards and see the children growing. … The whole importance of our classroom is to let them have fun and explore, and learn by doing.”