Kings Island boosts hourly wages for seasonal workers

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

MASON, Ohio — Seasonal workers at Kings Island stand to make $11-14 an hour in 2021, a hike of at least a dollar for most of them and more for certain jobs.

And the park expects to need a lot of new hires — more than 4,000 of them — as it prepares to open on May 15, park spokesperson Chad Showalter wrote in a Monday news release.

Most starting positions at Kings Island previously paid an hourly wage of about $9-10, according to Showalter. They’ve been bumped to $11-12 for 2021.

Security workers and lifeguards, whose starting wage would have topped out at $12 in prior years, can get hired at a rate of up to $14 per hour.

Anyone interested in applying to work at Kings Island this summer can do so right here.

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