Leaders react to resignation of Wright State’s president

Wright State University president David Hopkins abruptly announced his resignation Friday surprising some students and faculty on campus.

Hopkins leaves Wright State as the college is grappling with a financial crisis. The university laid off 23 employees last year and more budget cuts and layoffs are expected to be announced in April.

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The university is also under federal investigation for possible immigration-related wrongdoing. The investigation has cost the school roughly $2.2 million, the I-Team reported in January.

Ohio Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, said she believes Hopkins immediate resignation is “an indication of how bad things are at Wright State. They need to right the ship sooner rather than later. I think a lot of tough decisions need to be made.”

Lehner said it’s unfair to dump it in the lap of the incoming president.

Below is reaction from other leaders at the university to Hopkins’ announcement:

• Cheryl Schrader, incoming president, starts July 1:

“Wright State University has made great progress over the past decade and is poised to move to the next level. We face some tough challenges but we will get through them together. I am excited to get to work to best position Wright State for the future.”

Carol Loranger, faculty president, professor:

“We wish Dr. Hopkins well and we look forward to working with the transition team to effect budget remediation and with the new president.”

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Martin Kich, WSU AAUP president, English professor at Lake campus:

“Whatever the reasons are for doing it at this point I don’t understand how it brings stability to the institution this close to a new president coming on…Somehow they felt no one on-board was willing to implement (the budget remediation plan). That’s the only thing that makes sense, either that or something with the investigation is about to be revealed.”

Michael Bridges, chairman of the WSU board of trustees:

“During his tenure, Dr. Hopkins did a lot of great things. I don’t want that to get lost. However, over the last two years the university has exceeded its budget and we have to move on from here.”

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Lukas Wenrick , WSU student government president:

“When I was a freshman I remember meeting Dr. Hopkins at the annual “President’s Welcome Picnic.” He wanted to know my name and where I was from. While the conversation only lasted 30 seconds, it was meaningful as a new student. Several weeks later Dr. Hopkins came across me in the hallway. He remembered my name and even asked how my classes were going…As we embark on our next journey as an institution, we will cherish the memories made with President Hopkins.”


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