LexisNexis tech footprint in Dayton to ‘shrink’

Move to NC will affect Dayton-area employment

The move will affect employment at the LexisNexis campus in Miami Twp. — but it wasn’t immediately clear to what extent, according to a statement from LexisNexis as well as an email a company executive sent to a Dayton-area leader.


The move will happen over the next five years, and the technology footprint in Dayton will get smaller as a result, according to information shared with the community leader, who spoke with the newspaper.

The message said the “technology footprint in Dayton will gradually shrink over the next several years.” No specific numbers were offered.

County and municipal officials said they had heard nothing from the company about the changes.

Miamisburg Mayor Dick Church said the first he heard was a call on Wednesday from a person claiming to be a LexisNexis employee who had attended a teleconference on Tuesday, where the plans were laid out. He said the person - who would not give a name - indicated a large number of employees would be impacted.

Gene Pinder, a spokesman for the Centennial Campus at North Carolina State University, said he had no information on new jobs being moved from Dayton to North Carolina.

But Pinder said LexisNexis already has 450 employees in a standalone building in the “heart” of the campus.

And he added: “LexisNexis is just the kind of company we like to attract to Centennial because it’s innovative and likes to engage with our students and faculty. They benefit being here by having close proximity to our College of Engineering, which is literally across the street from the company’s offices.”

Montgomery County Commissioners Dan Foley and Debbie Lieberman both said they had heard nothing about the plan. Lieberman said in the past the Lexis-Nexis officials would email commissioners if there was going to be an impact on jobs.

“I know they would have given us a heads up,” she said.

Miami Twp. trustees reached for this story said they were unaware of the company’s plans.

The online legal research company has long said it has about 3,000 employees in Miami Twp.

A company spokeswoman, reached Wednesday evening, sent a statement to this newspaper, confirming those plans.

“As we continue to build a software and technology center of excellence in Raleigh, North Carolina, some technology roles will move from Miamisburg to Raleigh over time,” said the statement from spokeswoman Pamela Rath. “On balance, the total number of employees across the LexisNexis Legal & Professional business remains consistent with prior years.”

“Our company has a long history of operations and innovation in Ohio, and we remain committed to our facility in Miamisburg,” the statement added. “Dayton is a key office location and talent feeder into the organization with employees at this site supporting mission-critical deliverables.”

“I can assure you we are committed to our presence in Dayton, as our statement reflects,” Rath said in another email to this newspaper Wednesday in response to questions about the company’s plans.

In 2013, a company spokesman said the local campus had about 3,400 jobs. Rath did not respond to questions about how many employees are there today.

LexisNexis was born in Dayton as the Mead Data Corp. in 1966.

The community official who spoke with this newspaper asked not to be named, saying he was not authorized to speak for LexisNexis.

The message shared with the leader also said the Dayton-area campus had become a “sales and customer operations center of excellence,” and that employees from other parts of the company had been moved to the company’s offices off Springboro Pike over the years.

Jeff Hoagland, president and chief executive of the Dayton Development Coalition, said LexisNexis is one of the area’s largest employers. And he is confident the company will remain in the Dayton area.

“What we’re being told is they’re committed to Dayton and Ohio,” Hoagland said.

Last month, the company said that it will “build teams in certain areas of the business and reduce in others,” but it offered no specifics.

No planned layoffs for LexisNexis were outlined in Ohio’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification board Wednesday evening.

Staff Writers Lynn Hulsey and Nick Blizzard contributed to this story.