LGBTQ rights group seeks action against New Carlisle councilman accused of homophobic comment

A New Carlisle City Council member has come under fire from a local LGBTQ rights group after they say he posted a homophobic and transphobic comment on social media.

Council Member Dale Grimm allegedly made the comment this week under a Facebook post, which has since been deleted by the post’s original author. In the original post, the author called for her friends to sign a petition to shut down a pedophilia organization.

“Did no one else see this coming? First we had to accept homosexuals as normal. Then it was people who like to pretend that they are the opposite sex - accept them as normal. Pedophiles are just trying to get into the act so they can have “rights,” the post from Grimm’s personal Facebook page reads.

On Wednesday night, Equality Springfield, a volunteer organization focused on LGBTQ issues and awareness, passed a resolution condemning Grimm’s comment. According to the organization’s Facebook page, it was the first resolution the group has passed in 10 years.

“Council Member Dale Grimm made a Facebook post baselessly linking pedophilia to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Council Member Grimm’s comment degrade gay and lesbian people by indicating that he and other had been coerced into accepting ‘homosexuals as normal',” the resolution said. “Council Member Grimm also demeaned and belittled transgender citizens, describing them as people ‘who like to pretend that they are the opposite sex'.”

The resolution goes on to say public officials “should be held to a standard of respectability that was not maintained in Council Member Grimm’s public posting of misleading and degrading statements that imply that LGBTQ people could be linked to risks to children.”

“Equality Springfield, a Clark County organization with the goal of securing equal rights for LGTBQ people in the Miami Valley, calls on Mayor Mike Lowrey, Vice Mayor Bill Cook and Council Members Ron Cobb, Peggy Eggleston, Amy Hopkins and Linda Eggleston Nowakowski to censure Council Member Grimm for his recent Facebook post,” the resolution said. “Council Member Grimm should issue a public apology for his Facebook post, which was demeaning to his LGTBQ constituents and offensive to many other good people in New Carlisle.”

The Springfield News-Sun reached out to Grimm Thursday about his comment and the resolution and he said he had no comment.

Grimm was criticized earlier this year for social media posts after he shared Facebook posts on May 29 and June 3 — days after George Floyd was killed while in the custody of Minneapolis Police. Floyd’s May 25 death sparked immediate protests that spread across the country and around the world and have continued for three weeks.

“Thank you rioters. You have taken a situation where almost every single American stood in solidarity against a despicable injustice and now you have made the whole issue about how much you do not know how to function in a normal society. You are your own worst enemy,” said the post Grimm shared on May 29 from a Facebook page called Occupy Democrats Logic.

In commenting on the post, Grimm wrote, “Yes, the death of George Floyd was a criminal act. The subsequent rioting was also a criminal act. The only purpose it served was for the benefit of the self-serving rioters.

“How many black-owned businesses were senselessly destroyed? It appears that “Black Lives Matter” is only rhetoric. If black lives mattered, these imbeciles would not have destroyed black businesses - the livelihood of other blacks.”

On June 3, Grimm shared an image that said: “Black lives don’t matter to black people unless killed by a white person. Y’all not ready for this conversation. Y’all kill each other all day everyday.”

Grimm wrote “Brilliant” in the comment to that post when he shared it.

The shared image was from the personal Facebook page of an individual with a hometown listed as Fairbanks, Alaska.

Grimm told the News-Sun at that time he would like “someone to explain to me how what I wrote could possibly be considered racist.”

“Like I said last night, it was originally posted by a black guy- a PhD. He got no flack. I’m white I get flack,” Grimm said.

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