Listen to the Path Forward: Dayton Schools podcast

You can hear the frustration in the voices of parents, determination in the tone of community leaders and maybe even a tinge of hope in conversations Dayton Daily News reporter Josh Sweigart had throughout the community assessing the challenges facing Dayton Public Schools and whether anything can be done to overcome them. Listen in with the first installment of The Path Forward: Dayton Schools podcast.

The Dayton Daily News this month launched a new initiative aimed at addressing the most pressing issues facing our community.

The project, called the Path Forward, is directing the award-winning investigative resources of the Dayton Daily News Investigates team at three initial topics: the addiction crisis, Dayton’s struggling school district, and improving the region’s job and economic outlook.

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Today we release the first installment of a podcast by Sweigart capturing the voices of experts, leaders and members of the community on the challenges facing Dayton Public Schools and how to address them.

THE PATH FORWARD: The region must rally to fix the Dayton Public Schools

In the first episode, Sweigart asks four questions to community members, experts and leaders in an effort to identify why the district struggles to succeed and how it can better serve students. Additional podcast episodes will drill further into specific aspects identified in Sweigart's coverage.

Listen to the podcast then tell us: how would you answer these questions? Join the conversation on our Path Forward: Dayton Schools Facebook group. 

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