Hamilton Schools adjusting for meals, remote learning during shutdown

The 10,000 students of Hamilton Schools, said district officials this week, are getting food and other help during the state-ordered shutdown of all Ohio schools due to concerns about the coronavirus.

Officials with the city schools announced a series of programs to assist school families while schools area closed until April 12.

Joni Copas, spokeswoman for the district said in a communication sent to families “during this extended closure of school, Hamilton City Schools is committed to continuing to service our students and community.”

“The district will be implementing a distance learning model of instruction for students. It is critical that students participate in this mode of instruction during the school closure,” said Copas.

She recommended all Hamilton school families go to the district’s website at www.hamiltoncityschools.com for more detailed information and dates but some of the main points emphasized in the communication include:

• Distance learning will begin on Monday though (home instruction) items may be pushed out sooner.

This pause until Monday will give an opportunity for parents or guardians to make childcare arrangements, for district staff to communicate with students and parents/the guardians, and for necessary troubleshooting in the event of access issues for students or families.

• After the start-up period, staff will post lessons and/or offer opportunities to interact with students on a daily and weekly basis.

From April 6 to April 10 no distance learning will take place as that period is as the district’s spring break.

“The intention of distance learning is to ensure student success when he or she returns to school,” said Copas. “The expectation is that students will complete all assigned work. Students will be held accountable for all distance learning tasks.”

“Electronic lessons and student work should not be equal in length to a student’s workday. Distance learning is not an equal substitute for the typical day-to-day instruction in which a student engages,” she said. “The intent of distance learning is to help ensure that students do not fall dramatically behind during the closure and lose learning which had been previously gained.”

Starting Wednesday, Hamilton schools provided free meals delivered to various locations around the city.

See the Hamilton Schools’ website for times and locations.

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