Madison 8th-grader arrested after reported threat to ‘shoot up’ school

An alleged threat overheard on a school bus about a student planning to “shoot up the school tomorrow” has led to the arrest of a 14-year-old Madison student, district officials said Friday.

According to a notice sent out to parents in the Butler County district, the eighth-grade suspect was arrested at his home Thursday evening.

“Last evening, middle school administration received information from a parent that her sixth grader heard another student say on a bus ride home that he planned to ‘shoot up the school tomorrow,’” stated the notice posted on Madison Schools’ website.

“The matter was thoroughly investigated with help from the sixth grader, transportation department, other students, administration, and our SRO (school resource officer). The Butler County Sheriff’s Department investigated the threat and was able to garner that the student did make the threat.

“A deputy went to the house of the young man who made the threat, and he was taken into custody.

“We are grateful that the parent took action and called the school. Most of all, we are proud of the young man who heard something and made sure an adult knew the information. Congratulations to our students for understanding the importance of telling an adult about any possible threat to the school.

“Please take a moment to discuss this issue with your child. These types of threats have no place in our school or community. The consequences for making such threats may be dire,” read the notice.

Lisa Tuttle-Huff, superintendent of Madison Schools, said she would not comment beyond the district’s public statement.

The Madison Schools’ K-12 campus was the site of a shooting in 2016 that saw a student injure four classmates.

In the wake of the shooting, the district is the first in Butler County and southwest Ohio to adopt a security program wherein some teachers and school staffers who volunteer - and are trained - are allowed access to handguns during the school day.

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