Local executive’s jet used to evacuate Puerto Ricans

A local executive is donating use of his corporate jet toward relief efforts in Puerto Rico following back-to-back hurricanes.

Larry Connor, managing partner of a Miami Township-based real estate investment firm, The Connor Group, donated use of the aircraft, other than the cost of fuel, to bring supplies to the island and evacuate residents to the mainland.

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The 3.4 million residents have been without electricity and in need of food, water and shelter aid since Hurricane Maria ripped through on Sept. 20.

“We understand we have a unique opportunity to help people,” Connor said in a statement. “As a company we have a set of core values that dictate everything we do. And the two at the top of the list are ‘do the right thing’ and ‘people count.’”

In 2010, Connor, a pilot, personally delivered medical supplies to earthquake victims in Haiti.

The plane is donated for use by relief organizations like the Red Cross, FEMA and others, The Connor Group stated.

“We only had two stipulations for the use of the plane: make sure it’s is filled with critical supplies, like water and food, going into Puerto Rico,” Connor stated. “And make sure you bring back as many people that you can that are in need of evacuation.”

So far, the group has delivered about 2,000 pounds of supplies and evacuated 30 people, with additional rescue missions planned this week.

The Connor Group said evacuees included women, children, the elderly, the sick, and people seeking to reunite with their families on the mainland.


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