City considers ban on feeding stray animals

VANDALIA – The city is considering passing a ban that would prohibit residents from feeding stray animals.

City Manager Jon Crusey recommended the ban as a starting point in addressing problems with the stray animal population. The situation should then be monitored and additional action take later if needed, he said.

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Crusey also suggested residents with bird feeders raise them higher off the ground to not attract other animals.

“We have been working with a law director to draft an ordinance to prohibit the outdoor feeding of stray animals. We should have it back for the next council meeting, March 6,” Crusey said.

“We also discussed that if this does not work, then we will pursue other avenues,” said Mayor Arlene Setzer.

The legislation will be modeled after an ordinance passed in 2013 in West Carrollton, where leaving food out after daylight hours or unattended to allow stray or wild animals to feed upon is prohibited.

During the Monday, Feb. 20 meeting, council member Candice Farst called the cat problem “out of control” and agreed that council needs to act on the issue.

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Kathleen Durig, a resident, spoke during the council meeting, saying the number of nuisance cats in her neighborhood is an issue. The cats are preying on birds that visit her bird feeder and they also leave waste in her flowerbeds, she said.

“Twice I have spoken with my neighbors to discourage the feeding and sheltering to the undisclosed number of nuisance cats,” Durig said.

Durig said she is also concerned with feral cats having diseases, parasites, and other conditions, which often leave the cat in pain, as they are not seen by a veterinarian. Animals being fed and being allowed to breed season after season is considered animal abuse, Durig said.


Once legislation is in place, the city plans to utilize the quarterly newsletter and social media to reach the community to raise awareness that the feeding of stray animals is prohibited.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for at 7 p.m. on March 6.


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