Polls in Ohio are closed: Voters share views

Voters at polling places across southwest Ohio expressed relief Tuesday that a long, contentious election season is at its end. Some waited an hour or more to cast their votes, but said it was worth it to have their voice heard.

Jill Adkins, Xenia

"The line was longer than I thought. It was fast after you start walking and talking to people in line. They always came out to encourage us, 'It only takes 20 minutes after you get inside.' So I got here a little before 7 and it only took about 45 minutes."


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Mike Basler, Xenia

“I voted for Donald Trump. I think he’s the only one who’s going to kick them in the teeth in Washington and that’s why I voted for him. I hope everything goes well. We’re still going to have a great nation no matter who wins.”

Carole Braswell, Hamilton

“I want a well-educated, experienced person who will appropriately represent our country. One whom I don’t fear will embarrass me in front of other countries. … I’m with her.”

Sarah Carmack, Hamilton

She voted for a third-party candidate: “Please don’t say I threw my vote away because I did not. I voted for the Green Party candidate … I think there needs to be a third party for those of us who don’t like either of the major party candidates.”

TJ Cobbins, Dayton

“I was still on the fence between the two, and when I got in there I was just hoping that something would come to me.”

David England, Xenia

“It was smooth. Pretty quick. A lot quicker than I thought it was going to be for the line.”

Greg Hall, Kettering

“It was kind of a long wait. But, kind of like the government runs. They’ve got a few people in there working things. A lot of empty machines and a long line. I’m glad everybody turned out to be here and cast their vote because that’s the most important part.”

Clara Johnson, Dayton

“This day is very exciting to me. I’ve been a voter since I was 18 and never missed a vote. I can’t wait to see the ending results. I wish the best to both candidates but I want my candidate to win, which is Hillary Clinton.”

Dawn Johnson, Xenia

“We were going to stand as long as it took us to because this a very important election. Everybody needs to get out and vote.”

Jessica Johnson, Springfield

“I know it is my responsibility as a citizen to give my opinion. This is a monumental election in our history. I am happy to get it done. I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I try to see the positive in people.”

Janet Myers, Kettering

How long was your wait? “Probably about an hour. It’s expected.” … Who did you vote for? “Hillary Clinton, begrudgingly. Everything went nice. I’m glad Kettering does everything OK.”

Jerry Rude, Springfield

“Voting is important. As a citizen, I like to feel like I am doing my part to help my community, both the county, state and federal government.”

Dustin C. Schermbeck, Ross Twp.

“I am a red-blooded American that likes apple pie and Chevrolet and I want my country back. If Mr. Trump gets in there, he’s a businessman and he’ll be able to right a lot of the wrongs in the country.”

Sarah Weller, Springfield

“We came out to support our two little girls. Education is one of the most important things.”

Kathy Zimmerman, Ross Twp.

“I would vote for a woman if she was trustworthy but, no. I think she bought them off. I think Hillary paid those women to say what they said.”