Springboro has posted an on-line survey for help in naming the redevelopment of its central crossroads.

Springboro wants help naming major city redevelopment project

The city of Springboro is reaching out for help in naming the redevelopment of the former Springboro IGA Plaza and other land at its central crossroads.

The Corners at Main, The Junction at Main, Four Corners of Springboro, Main & Central and The Boardwalk are the five options presented on an online survey posted on the city’s website.

“While this vote is not binding, we are seeking input from the public as to the viability of different names for the redevelopment so we can make the best choice naming the project,” according to an introduction to the survey.

“The city plans to redevelop all corners at the intersection of Central & Main. ‘The Corners at Main’ will become a gathering place for all residents,” the survey explains.

Referring to the second option, “The junction is a point where two or more things are joined. This redevelopment is located at the physical junction where Central & Main come together.”

The fifth choice, ‘The Boardwalk’ refers to the fact “Springboro founder Jesse Wright and his wife Janie walked on ‘The Boardwalk’ every Sunday on their way to church, which used to reside on the former IGA property,” according to the survey.

Mayor John Agenbroad said the proposed names were culled from those gathered by staff.

“We didn’t have any name we were that fond of. We thought we’d get some feedback from folks in town,” Agenbroad said on Tuesday.