Local voices: ‘Country doesn’t want a woman in charge’

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Credit: DaytonDailyNews

We’re talking to local residents this morning about Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election and what they hope happens from here.

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Linda Lopez, Kettering

What's your reaction? "I'm excited. … I work in the healthcare industry and I see my kids not be able to get health insurance … it's not the promise. I could not see a Clinton back in the White House."

What do you hope happens from here? "I hope that he can bring the country more unified. Help the veterans out. I saw a huge contingency out there voting and supporting him and that's important to me. The scariest thing is … not immigration, but people are coming in our country.

“And I support refugee resettlement through Catholic social services, but I feel like we need to be a little bit more protective if our borders. I think he’s going to help protect us. It’s an opportunity for some kind of change. Nothing is changing in Washington and now we’re going to see some type of change. He’s not from the inside.”

Mike Heitkamp, Englewood

What's your reaction? "I find it appalling that this country would vote for a man with so little integrity. I have daughters and the things he has said about women disgust me. I'm not a huge Hillary fan, but my God this woman would be nothing like what I foresee coming for this country."

What do you hope happens from here? "I hope and pray the Donald doesn't do the things the Donald said the Donald was going to do, such as building a wall. And I don't believe he knows more than the generals. And I hope the racists and haters don't become emboldened by this man. That's my biggest fear."

Barbara Hooks, Dayton

What's your reaction? "The only reason why Donald Trump won (was) because the black people did not go out and vote. I have never known Dayton to be Republican. I fault my own people. Our people caused Donald Trump to get in there. I think they didn't hear the message that Obama gave them.

“And then you’ve got a lot of men. They’d rather put up with Donald Trump than have a woman being a leader over them, that’s the bottom line. White and black, whether they Democrat or Republican, didn’t want a woman to run this country.”

Larry Soliani, Dayton

What's your reaction? "It didn't go as I thought it was going to go. I'm actually shocked to have Donald Trump win. It was such a, in my opinion, landslide. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he was going to win, let alone win the way he did. I actually voted for Jill Stein because I was still supporting Bernie Sanders."

Where do you hope happens from here? "My first and foremost is security for our country. I don't want to see any more terrorist attacks on our own soil … that's my biggest fear. Second is the economy, and more jobs for Ohio, more jobs for everybody. Third, I'd like to just see the United States of America be just that, united. I'm tired of the division.

“I think (Trump) will definitely accomplish security. With the economy I trust him in that, I think he can with renegotiating trade deals and making companies come back to America.

“As far as the division, I don’t know … at this point I don’t think anybody can. I think Bernie Sanders had the best shot at it.”

Talyn Aldridge, East Dayton

What's your reaction? "I'm just glad it's not Hillary … I wish Bernie had won. I hope we don't go into World War III."

Thoughts on Trump becoming first Republican to carry Montgomery County in 28 years: "He's a known figure. Hillary Clinton is known because of her husband. Donald Trump is known because he's a businessman, an entertaining businessman. They knew him as someone who can make money."

Shelly Chick, UD student from Chicago

What's your reaction? "I didn't think Trump was going to win at all. I think people were scared to have a woman president."