100 Ohio National Guard members sent to DC following protests


The Ohio National Guard sent 100 members to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning following protests in the nation’s capital.

The members were sent at the request of the secretary of defense, said May. Gen. John Harris.

Harris joined Gov. Mike DeWine during a press conference Tuesday afternoon that addressed protests across the state as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

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Protests in response to the death of George Floyd and other black men and women rocked the state over the weekend and continued Monday.

DeWine said protests expressing outrage are understandable, as well as appropriate.

The majority of protesters are peaceful and are working to bring attention to “very legitimate issues,” Dewine said, adding that there are a “few violent individuals drowning out the voices of reason.”

Government exists to protect people and defend the defenseless, DeWine said.

We should all be outraged that inequality and racism still exist in 2020, he continued.

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DeWine said he and the Ohio General Assembly has started on those issued, but that it’s not enough.

The governor said we must improve law enforcement officers’ access to quality training and that transparency and oversight needs to be increased.

DeWine also stressed the importance of law enforcement to recruit people of color.

“This is truly our moment to do the hard work,” he said.

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