AAA Roadside Service helps over 2,300 drivers since Tuesday

UPDATE @ 9:15 p.m. (Jan. 14):

Drivers are still feeling the effect from last weekends winter storm.

AAA’s Emergency Roadside Service Team rescued over 400 motorists in the Miami Valley on both Saturday, Jan. 12 and Sunday, Jan. 13.

Since midnight Jan. 14, AAA’s Emergency Roadside Service Team has helped over 550 motorists, which now brings the total to over 2,300 drivers that have been assisted since Tuesday, Jan. 8.


AAA is urging motorists to use caution with the changing road conditions, according to a release.

AAA urges motorists to practice caution with these tips for driving in the snow:

  • Remove all snow from your vehicle, including the roof, hood and trunk: While driving, snow can blow off a car onto the windshield of a nearby vehicle, temporary blinding that driver's vision.
  • Slow down: Accelerate, turn and brake gradually. Adjust your speed to the road conditions and leave yourself ample room to stop. Allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you.
  • Never use cruise control on slippery roads: Patches of ice can cause unexpected wheel spin and use of cruise control can slow driver response.
  • Avoid unnecessarily changing lanes: This increases the chances of hitting a patch of ice between lanes that could cause loss of vehicle control.
  • Don't tailgate: Normal following distances of three to four seconds on dry pavement should be extended to a minimum of eight to ten seconds when driving on slippery surfaces. The extra time will provide additional braking room should a sudden stop become necessary.
  • Watch the traffic ahead: Slow down immediately at the sight of brake lights, fishtailing cars, sideways skids or emergency flashers ahead.
  • Move over: Move over one lane for law enforcement and emergency roadside personnel assisting motorists. If you're unable to move over, slow down.
  • Carry a winter weather kit in your car: Contents should include a fully charged cell phone and car charger, ice scraper, blanket, warm winter clothing, flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, a bag of kitty litter, reflective triangles/flares, shovel and cloth/paper towels.

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