AFSAC hosts Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution Services workshop

Looking to buy spare parts for the weapon systems in your inventory? If so, and you are one of the 116 foreign military partners the Air Force supports or a U.S government agency, the Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate has you covered.

In fact, AFSAC will host a workshop Sept. 24-26 in Orlando, Florida, where international partners and government employees will be able to learn more about the parts and equipment that may be sold or purchased through the organization’s Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution Services (WWRS) program.

“We are hosting a hands-on workshop where we’ll show attendees tricks of the trade, how to use our program and be successful,” said Julie Shatto, AFSAC WWRS program manager. “In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to network with counterparts across the foreign military sales enterprise and participate in important FMS discussions.”

The WWRS program, which is set up like an eBay for foreign military sales, has a unique mission.

If Country X has a surplus of an item, such as C-130 landing gear, or if it no longer has a need for certain aircraft parts, using WWRS, the country can place it online for another country to purchase. Once the part is purchased it is shipped to the WWRS facility in Dayton, Ohio, where it is inspected and shipped to the buyer.

Often many of the parts sold are from aircraft the U.S. Air Force no longer flies but are still in the inventories of certain foreign partners.

The benefit of the program is that it saves countries money by allowing them to buy hard-to-find parts – essential to maintaining their aircraft – and it saves money by giving countries a cost effective option to redistribute parts, since it costs money to demilitarize items.

“WWRS program is important to both our FMS partners and U.S. government organizations as it provides an avenue to transfer parts, some which are no longer manufactured,” said Shatto. “The sales proceeds can then be used by the FMS customer to reinvest into other FMS programs.”

For more information and to register for the workshop, contact WWRS at

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