Animal experts warn the public of dangerous Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations may seem harmless, but animal care experts are warning that some could be dangerous and cause major problems for wildlife.

The item experts are most warning of is fake spider webbing. Animals, such as birds, can easily become entangled and trapped.

Brady Smith, All-Pro Wildlife Control owner, says while this doesn’t happen often, it’s something people should keep in mind.

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“In that sense, that’s how bird banders will catch birds. They will set up a mist net that the birds will fly through and get caught in,” Smith said.

“It would be best to put it up against a wall so an animal wouldn’t run through it or fly through it. If it was up against a wall, it would be protected better.”

Another hazard could be carved pumpkins that attract animals, so experts are reminding the public to throw them out after Halloween.

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