Art classes at home: Kettering’s Rosewood center helps people get creative with weekly activities

Rosewood Arts Centre, Kettering’s center for creativity, is offering art classes you can do from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Each week, an art activity geared for youth and adults will be added to the city’s Art From Home page.

“It’s so easy when we are in our regular routines to not make room for creative activities, but now there is more of a desire to be hands-on,” Shayna V. McConville, Kettering’s cultural arts division manager, said.

“During this new experience of having boundaries around us, this is the time to be creative to figure out what to do with what we have on hand.”

The art projects are designed to use objects found around the house. Each project is influenced by the creative interests of the Rosewood Arts Centre staff.

McConville outlines how to make a mini collage box inspired by one of her favorite books, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley.

The artwork is filled with images from magazines and postcards, artificial flowers and old gears.

Build a camera obscura from a cereal box and tape just in time for International Pinhole Camera Day on April 26.

Paula Wilmot Kraus, Rosewood’s gallery coordinator, gives step-by-step instructions to create the basis for all modern cameras.

Want to get your body moving? Claire Dorothy Zook, Rosewood’s facility coordinator and a dance instructor, has created a dance instruction video inspired by numbers.

Her creative routine “mimics the way that number makes me feel” and she uses her body to act out numeric phrases.

The art-from-home activities can be found here and each week a new project will be added.

“This is the time to be creative and tackle doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily give yourself the time to do,” McConville said.

Rosewood normally holds more than 380 classes each year as well as gallery exhibitions, theater performances, artist studios and special events.

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