Baby boom: 11 Miami Valley nurses reunite after giving birth

Eleven labor and delivery nurses at Miami Valley Hospital delivered gifts of their own.

The nurses came together on Thursday for the first time since they all had given birth and been on maternity leave, babies in their arms.

In April, all 11 nurses posed together for a photo celebrating their pregnancies that went viral on the internet. Nurses from across the country sent messages and baby care packages to the new moms.

“There were lots of hospitals who had similar baby booms,” said Miami Valley Health spokeswoman Sharon Howard. “One hospital sent toys, bibs and formula to the moms.”

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The women’s due dates ranged from April to October, with two women even sharing the same due date. The last of the 11 babies was born on Halloween, Howard said.

One of the 11 pregnant nurses, Kara Westerfield, was a surrogate. That baby girl is now with a family in New York.

“They definitely are beyond grateful,” Westerfield said. “They call her their little miracle baby.”

This is the first time the hospital had that many women pregnant at the same time in one unit.

“It was so interesting to hear the moms share their delivery stories and, of course, see the babies interact with each other,” Howard said. “Each of the new moms said the gift of the season for them is these new babies.”

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