Police and officials at Belmont High School are investigating a reported fight outside Belmont High School that may have involved up to 30 students.

Belmont mom says daughter is being bullied following large brawl at school

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Kenya Morgan’s daughter, along with as many as 30 other students, were involved in a large brawl that started after her daughter got into an altercation with another female student during school hours. 

According to a report, following the first incident, the girl and her boyfriend were approached by several male students later in the day, which led to another altercation that escalated to a fight where Morgan’s daughter was reportedly grabbed, punched, and slammed to the ground.

After a meeting with school officials following the brawls, the girl was moved to a different building, but Morgan says her daughter still comes in contact with the students that allegedly attacked her and acts of bullying, such as name calling, take place. 

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She says the bullying has started to affect her daughter’s performance in school, and though she’s called the school multiple times about the incidents, she has not heard back from them.

“It’s going to stop. I am going to do something about it. Somebody from that school needs to call me and talk to me”, said Morgan.

A spokesperson for the school district said they do not release how they discipline students after an altercation, but stated the incident has been properly resolved.