Butler County man believes he was scammed in gift cards deal for alleged StubHub tickets


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A McGuffey Avenue resident grew suspicious of a possible scam after sending $600 worth of eBay gift cards to someone claiming to be from StubHub in order to process a refund for tickets he did not receive, according to a police report.

The victim told the responding officer he had received an e-mail after placing his order that the tickets were ready but when he entered his login information, the tickets did not appear. When he called StubHub, he was told someone had attempted to change the phone number on his account and he needed to be charged again for the tickets in order to process the refund.

He was told to purchase $600 worth of eBay gift cards to start the process and gave the person his card number to make the purchase. He was charged $1,200 and then became suspicious fearing a scam.

He contacted eBay and was told to make a police report and they would assist law enforcement with the investigation.

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