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Puppy theft at Beavercreek pet store caught on camera

Two people were caught on camera over the weekend stealing puppies from a Beavercreek pet store.

News Center 7's Gabrielle Enright went to the store to find out more about the stolen dogs and the people who took them.

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Surveillance cameras captured the theft of the puppies Saturday at Fetch. Video shows two men, each holding a French bulldog, run out of the store as employees chase them.

Employees say the puppies, who are both 10 weeks old and have microchips, are worth more than $6,000.

Since photos and videos of the suspects have circulated online, Fetch, police and the public are working to find the stolen puppies.

Police did confirm the theft and say they’re following up on all leads, and employees hope sharing the photos will help police find the suspects.