Church prank 911 call: ‘I’ve got two hostages now and I might take more’

A man told 911 dispatchers that he shot someone and had hostages at a Beavercreek church Saturday night in what police believe was a prank call.

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The caller, who identified himself as Michael, gave a dispatcher the Dayton SHOP (Student House of Prayer)’s address before adding “Yeah, I just [expletive] shot somebody.”

As the dispatcher tried to get more information, the caller responded “Oh my god, I got to go,” before the call disconnected.

In a second call, the same person said that he’s “freaking out” and started breathing heavily.

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“I just shot somebody,” he told the dispatcher. “I got two hostages right now and I might take more.”

The dispatcher then tried to calm down the caller and asked him to not hang up.

“I’m not going to hang up,” he said. “I’m not going to hang up. I’m just going to put the phone down and I’m going to tie them up.”

“Who’s there with you, Michael?” the dispatcher asked before the call disconnected again.

When police arrived on the scene the church’s door was locked, but officers were able to talk to SHOP’s director and confirmed no one was hurt or being held hostage.

Beavercreek police have not confirmed if there is a person of interest in the case.

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The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office did follow up on the name of a Washington Twp. man that they received, but police did not have any charges and did not ask for the man to be detained.

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