Cincinnati-area family files lawsuit after son attacked, committed suicide

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Coroner wants investigation into 8-year-old’s suicide

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Cincinnati family has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit after their 8-year-old hung himself following an attack at Carson Elementary School, according to a report from WCPO.

Gabriel Taye’s death was ruled a suicide and the suit claims his death resulted from a January attack in the boys restroom that was caught by a school surveillance camera and that school officials covered up the attack and “rampant” bullying at the school, according to the report.

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The family said in the lawsuit that school officials, “"deliberately withheld vital information from his mother, including that he had been assaulted, lost consciousness for a considerable period of time, and was at risk of a serious head injury. Defendants informed his mother only that Gabe had fainted in the boy's restroom and had recovered completely,” WCPO reported.

The family’s attorney said the video show Taye being attacked two days before he committed suicide.

Cincinnati Public Schools issued the following statement after the lawsuit was filed:

"As we have stated previously pertaining to Gabriel's passing, "Our hearts are broken by the loss of this child, and our thoughts are with his parents and extended family. He was an outstanding young man, and this is a great loss for his family and our school community,” the statement said in part. “Now that litigation has been initiated, we offer no further comments regarding this matter at this time."

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