Community scavenger hunt launched to entertain kids while home

You may notice a teddy bear, a painting, or even Olaf perched in your neighbors’ windows . This is the latest trend in the community to keep kids entertained while home from school.

“It helps us to really feel like a community and help each other out even when we're social distancing,” said neighbor Gwen Sobieski.

While the scavenger hunt is aimed at children, many adults have enjoyed seeing the little messages of hope around.

Anyone can join. All you need is a stuffed animal, some window stickers or even a colorful painting and put it in your front window to be a part of the scavenger hunt.

“I think I will go home and put something down at the end of the street so people driving by can see it,” said Sobieski.

It is n easy way to show kids that even though things are different, the world is all that bad.

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